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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keepon Keeps On Keepin' On at Wired NextFest

Interactive Peronality Robot, Keepon made anoter appearance at Wired's NextFest last week and introduced a new music video with the group Spoon. (adorable video below)

Keepon's creators are currently developing and studying dance-oriented nonverbal play with between children and the robot Keepon, built by Hideki Kozima. Keepon is a small creature-like robot with a soft rubber skin, two cameras in its eyes, and a microphone in its nose:

Keepon is designed to interact with children by communicating attention and emotion. It has four degrees of freedom: attention is directed by turning +/-180° and nodding +/-40°, while emotion is expressed by rocking side-to-side +/-25° and bobbing up to 15mm

The robot Keepon (developed by Hideki Kozima and programmed by Marek Michalowski) dancing to the Spoon song, "Don't You Evah." Keepon
and Spoon will reunite at WIRED NextFest in LA September 10, 2007 for Creative Commons.


via Wired NextFest

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