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Friday, December 16, 2005


This just may be the perfect solution for people who don’t have a few thousand dollars to shell out for a new HDTV. This device comes to us from The Cat's Eye and is available over at ThinkGeek for $159. It can record, pause, fast forward, and rewind either a normal standard-definition television broadcast or HD. It also comes bundled with a remote that's perfect for a media center. Rip all your favorite shows in glorious HD for later viewing. Suck on that, DRM. Product Page [Via Gadget Madness] URL: USB HDTV Tuner

HDTV in a mobile phone

Apparently, the Japanese just can't stop watching their awesome HDTVs, so much that they need to do it on the go. So in comes the H.264 Pocket TV by Pixela, released only in Japan. Yes, now you will be able to enjoy stunning HDTV-quality programming on the go in the form of a long candybar-esque pocket TV. The device not only does television, but also FM radio and music playback. You can enjoy your tunes with digital 5.1 as well, since this little TV offers it all. Now all you need is some football, beer, nachos, and a toilet/jar, and I'm convinced that you'll never have to move again in your lifetime.
H.264 (Digital - HDTV) compatible pocket TV [Akihabara]

Real IPod Video Killer!

Topic: Portable Devices

Creative Zen Vision:M, Ipod Killer!

French MP3 Player blog GenerationMP3 has published an in depth review of the new Creative Zen Vision:M and strong iPod Video alternative. The review is in French, and features many photos of the new Creative Vision:M and it's User interface. Word is the screen is better than the one on the iPod video. The touch-pad works well. Negatives: Windows only software support, and that the uploads can only be done apparently through the Creative software