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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

1st Designer Lifeform, a Baby Dinosaur!

UGOBE, "developer of organic robotics", revealed the company's first Designer Life Form(R), Pleo. Pleo is modeled after a 1-week-old Camarasaurus sauropod, or long neck dinosaur, and incorporates basic traits of autonomous life. Pleo has been specifically engineered to mimic life with organic movement and behaviors that allow him to relate to humanity on a personal level.

UGOBE claims its unique and patented robotic motion platform enables Pleo to move
in a fluid, lifelike way, while behaving completely autonomously. Equipped
with nearly 40 sensors, including infrared and stereophonic sound, Pleo
requires no remote control and is free to interact with his owner and
environment. Through UGOBE's "Life Form Operating System," Pleo is able to use
simultaneous sensory inputs along with a sophisticated behavioral platform to
act independently and express himself through motion and sound. Pleo can
convey emotions, is aware of himself and his surroundings, and evolves in
behavior over time.

from Ugobe/PRNewswire/ --

Roll-Up TV screens closer to reality!

Universal Display Corporation just announced a full-color, active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) display prototype on flexible metal foil.

The flexible 100 dpi resolutioon AMOLED from Universal Display Corporation is 0.1mm thick and the current prototype is 4 inch diagonal. Prototypes of the display are being evaluated by the U.S. Department of Defense.

More details on the Universal Display Corporation press-release