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Monday, March 13, 2006

WiDrive, WIFI Portable Hard Drive bows at CeBIT

Singapore base startup EDS Lab bows their WiDRIVE in a small booth at CeBIT. The WiDRIVE is an 802.11b/g WiFi drive enclosure for 1.8 and 2.5-inch drives. There are other wireless disk drives currently available, but WiDRIVE claims theirs is the only portable solution with its rechargeable battery rated for 2-hours of continuous operation.If you're running XP then it looks just like another disk drive Get even boot your OS from it...says EDS Lab. We got a demo of the product running video off the WiDRIVE which er, worked.

The WiDRIVE won't available before July for about $95 -- Europe first, and still you have to buy the HDD.

Origami? Not just folded paper anymore!

Here is a little primer about the Microsoft Origami Project, since it's big news this week at CEBIT.

Origami is a term originated that doesn't necessarily refer to a device or specific hardware specification, per se, but to an ultramobile PC running Windows Tablet ( and enhanced Microsoft Touch Pack (a suite of apps and utilities meant to optimize using Windows by touch, and not necessarily only by stylus). Touch Pack consists of a launcher app that better groups and opens apps based on a touchscreen interface; DialKeys, a thumb-based text input system that uses those two onscreen touch inputs on either side; Touch Improvements, a suite of environment optimizations to make using Windows with your fingers a less painful experience.

Microsoft is aiming UMPCs based on Tablet with Touch Pack at the general consumer, and not necessarily as another device for the already gadget-laden mobile office -- initially launches are underway from Samsung, Asus, and Founder.