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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Virtual Sex, Now For Real!!

The MagMag Hole (yes, thats really the name!)
Real Time data transferring vibrator system!

This USB connected Virtual Sex Machine is what the company, Girls Rainbow is claiming is the world’s first interactive real time sex system that gives you the virtual reality experience of having a sexual liaison "not only with an adult video star, but also with your distant loved ones!"
You can download interactive movies from their dedicated website at and they say more sites and DVD products will be available soon! (but wont any site do?)

Combine the MagMag-HOLE with the company's original Virtual-STICK and and internet connection and as the say " You can enjoy virtual real time sex with your wife, girlfriend, or even with your friends!" (with friends?)

Another claim we will have to substantiate: "MagMag-HOLE duplicates the movement exactly how you see in the screen, or how your partner caresses the Virtual-STICK. With 9 separate motors, varies modes of sexual activity can be duplicated, simulating the act “as good as the real thing.”
Feel the action as you watch it at your convenience, and any manner you like."

for more info check: