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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

RIM Blackberry in Red Tape!

Everyone’s favorite handheld, the RIM Blackberry is in trouble again! The United States Supreme Court,has refused to review the patent infringement against Research in Motion. Research in Motion (RIM) the maker of the Blackberry is trying everything to stop a ruling by a judge in Richmond, Virginia that could shut down almost all of its US service. The judges were asked to consider whether patent law may be out of sync with how technology is advancing in the global marketplace, and how US law applies to technology outside the country. Reasoning is that RIM’s relay station for e-mail and data transmission is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It was a nice try, but the justices decided that because RIM’s customers use the service in the US, it doesn’t matter where the relay station is located. Uh-oh.

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Microsoft X box 360 still scarce

USA Today checks in on the Xbox 360 supply issue and finds, well, not much: "Two months after its introduction, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is still an elusive prey for shoppers in the USA and might well remain so until spring."

via USA Today

Alrm Clock Wakes You at the Best Possible Moment

aXbo's new and innovative alarm clock monitors your sleep pattern and wakes you at the best moment possible.

The aXbo features a sensor is inside a sweatband that monitors your movement, which corresponds to the various sleep phases. Your sleep pattern is transmitted wirelessly to the alarm clock. The alarm goes off within a 30min. window before your desired wake-up time. Hope I dont begin tossing and turning at 6 am!

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Hang on the Wall Fireplaces!

Safretti, of the Netherlands, brings you realy cool, contemporary, self contained, stainless steel, hang on the wall fireplaces!

From their own documentation; "Safretti decorative fireplaces have a unique design and a high-quality finish.A combination of exclusive design and the warmth of fire.The stainless steel decorative fireplaces are easy to attach to the wall.The open fire will be created by using a special liquid (Bioalcohol).A flue is not necessary.So you can hang the fire where you want to and even simply move it at a later date if you wish.Due to the high-quality materials used,these fireplaces are suitable for use both inside and outside on the patio or balcony.